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Bhutan Trekking

Bhutan, also known as the last Shangri La and the Land of Thunder Dragon is perhaps the most unknown but fascinating travel destination left. The climate of Bhutan is variable from region to region. While it is tropical in the southern plains, in the central’s valley one experiences cool winters and hot summers. On the other hand, in the Himalayas severe winters and cool summers are prevalent. This makes a Bhutan tour much more pleasant. There are also many trekking zones in Bhutan, some of then perhaps the best in the world. There are many trails in Bhutan yet to be discovered. And all this is possible now as the government has become much more focused on the tourism promotion of Bhutan.

Bhutan lies west of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh and east of Nepal. Thimphu, the capital, is at an altitude of 7700 feet, a small charming city in the heart of the Himalayas. Modernisation is strictly monitored and buildings must be made in the traditional Bhutanese style and cannot exceed a specified height. In fact, the first and the only traffic light was installed near a chorten (a small Buddhist temple) but was later removed upon the order of the king as not suitable to the environs of Thimphu.

Bhutan Trekking Package

Bhutan Trekking Package

The Kingdom of Bhutan is in many ways truly the Last Shangri-la. The geographical isolation has left the country in a time warp - culture, traditions and way of life still a reflection of past centuries than any indication of the 21st century.Bhutan is the last bastion of Mahayana Bhudhism. Against the ...

Bhutan Trekking

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